Ruby Carts Disposable Review

For a better understanding of Ruby Carts Disposable, we have set aside this detailed review to give you a better glimpse of what you have for vaping.

Ruby Carts Disposable Specs

Ruby Carts Disposable Specifications
E-liquid Capacity (ml) 1
Puff Count 300
Battery Type Non-Rechargeable, In-built
Coil Type Ceramic
Coil Resistance (Ohm) 1.2
Material Full Glass
Oil Holes Size (mm) 4 x 2
Dimensional Size (cm) 52 x 29 x 2

Battery and Charging

Like most disposable vapes, Ruby Carts Disposable is powered by a non-rechargeable built-in battery. This battery is in-built and pre-charged by the developer to allow you to start vaping as soon as you buy your Ruby Carts Disposable.

The Ruby Carts Disposable battery carries enough charge to give you a smooth vaping experience. It does not deplete before you can enjoy all the 1.2ml e-liquid translating to 300 puffs. Because of this, you can trust Ruby Carts Disposable for continuous vaping as you don’t need to stop to recharge the battery.

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