General Performance

The general performance of Ruby Carts Disposable is great and standard. It makes use of the ceramic coil, which is the latest coil technology for vape equipment. The Ceramic coil is responsible for giving you dense clouds in every puff with the real intended flavor. The Ceramic coil also makes sure that you don’t experience any burnt taste as you take your puffs.

The performance of Ruby Carts Disposable’s draw-activated system is also on another level. It is highly sensitive, making sure that it activates Ruby Carts Disposable, ready for vaping without any delay. This makes sure that you start vaping as soon as your cravings for vaping rise.

Another feature that makes Ruby Carts Disposable’s performance great is its pre-charged battery. This battery carries enough charge to allow you to vape without stopping throughout till the 1.2ml e-liquid is depleted. You don’t need to worry about running low on battery.

Pros and Cons


  • Ruby Carts Disposable is easy to use
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Ruby Carts Disposable makes use of a ceramic coil giving you the best vaping experience
  • It is pre-filled and pre-charged
  • It is built to serve you for long


  • Its e-liquid capacity is low, giving you a low puff count. This means you need to replace it from time to time.

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